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HeLpEr wrote:
Sat Mar 14, 2020 1:01 pm

Be cool bro.. If you don't like it please ignore it and move forward. Lets all have fun.. not fight :)

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So, what A_Troll said is correct
Hmmmm.... remember that settings are individual and your PC specs and ping make a BIG difference on how the bot performs. Sharing settings does not really work. You REALLY have to play with them yourself to tune them.

Find out WHY the bot is under-performing and tune just THAT bit.

I'm not even going to mention RNG, aimtime and crew skills messing up your hit-rate.
But also what PK00080 said is correct, because the settings published under this topic are examples and yeah, some people really liked these settings.... It's not about: "yeah, this is the best setting" but it may work a bit better than default for some users..... If not then they can still change the settings or reset to default.... Nothing bad
The settings we are sharing are recomented settings for some might be working well for someothers might not.Each type of tank has a particular settings for better working. If your pc or your internet has a problem and it causes some type of lacking then there are no recomented settings for that.You still can reduce your graphics settings and try and see if the bot is working better. From my point of view the bot is working well.. but always a new-update bot is better than the old one.. that's why we trust the programmer's of apoolo's.
Finally if you saw my previus post under every recomented settings i always ask for feedback about what i presend

A_Troll knows really well the aimbot and also the modpack so if he suggest something or say something, has sense.... He just doesn't agree with sharing the settings since as he already said the settings are individual for every single player... But (and it's just my opinion) not everybody is good or understand well the settings so really often an example or more helps to the players and the most of the times they appreciate it.

Lot of times after some of the players copied the published settings, they have said that the aimbot works lot better.... so that's already a satisfaction and it means that even if just a little bit but these personal settings the most of the times helped to some players....

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