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Some precious info about banwave
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It is not known for certain how it works, but practice still gives some idea of ​​it.

1. Any disconnection of replays and logs and other dances with a tambourine is an absolutely useless exercise.

2. Renaming scripts, folders, setting attributes "read only" is a useless exercise.

3. If someone bought SuperPuperMegaAntiban prog to disable the unencrypted recording of logs, screenshots, and replays - in vain spent money. THERE ARE NO PROGRAMS FOR BAN LOCKING.

Now I will explain why there are no such programs and there can not be.
Because bans are not programs, but special employees of the company who make this decision on a combination of factors and really visually make sure that the player whom they are going to punish is really a cheater.
How does this happen? It seems that as follows ...

There is a complaint system in the game. This complaint goes to such an employee and he looks at the replay from the server (not to be confused with local replays in the replays folder) of this battle, paying attention to the adequacy of the player's behavior. By circumstantial evidence, he can establish — for example: shooting at a lead through bushes; unreal extermination of art by tracer; reaction to the breakage of objects that are hidden visually; incomprehensible blinds on the technique behind the drawing line; illogical behavior of the sight; You can give a lot of examples. And if you think about it, then it’s easy to identify a cheater by replay by an experienced worker.

If you accept this concept, you can follow the following tips to minimize the probability of a ban.

1. First and foremost. Maximum correct behavior on the battlefield without arousing suspicion and complaints about yourself.

2. Try to simulate the behavior of an ordinary player (do not shoot boldly at the balls, try to use aim in a mixed version with manual shooting, pay attention to the vegetation so as not to burn in the tundra, not be distracted by damage to objects, not to bullet through nezasvet without much need.)

3. The more intuitively the new wave of bans is (usually after 2 months), the more diligently the first 2 points are carried out.

Source: 4cheat.ru

*****Having said that, Apollo Pack is one of the safest modpacks of all ..... And a brand new source code ...

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